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Sheffield Stealers - It's Dim Up North (±x)

Published on 31st October 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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“The worst thing about being a genius is that most people are not smart enough to appreciate it.” – JSR DS

[this is draft and I a uploading evidence and tidying up the content]


I have had this article ‘Sheffield Stealers – It’s Dim Up North‘ in drafts for months, though did not publish it…

The reason is because I had wanted to see who viewed this article first. Clearly it confirms that UK parties have run frauds in Sri Lanka to Pervert the Course of Justice, which will completely mess up MLATs:-

Psychiatric Fraud - Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat

Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for "ignorance of the law excuses not" and "ignorance of law excuses no one"...

This is a screenshot of the views, obtained today – 648 views over a couple of days – obviously an article of significant interest generally:-

he Psychiatric Fraud


and was the so-called ‘legitimate’ legal process which was being used to launder the previously unlawfully-obtained evidence:-

WLG and Melbourne Fraudsters Linked to Destruction of Evidence

20170611 EVIDENCE INSERTED In December 2014 I was the victim of a theft of data and destruction of evidentiary materials from my apartment, by a Sri ...

into the case.

This is a


Attorneys Constructing Parallels

20170324 INITIAL William Binney, an ex-NSA employee introduces the concept of Parallel Construction, in which information obtained unlawfully is...

For the avoidance of doubt I have more juicy revelations coming

The parties concerned know that this entire case is about evidence and its collection, a Parallel Construction and that THE CASE IS ABOUT TO BE COLLAPSED.

Ernst & Young – My Tax Returns

Deloitte – Technology Fast 50 and Stephen Hinchliffe

South Yorkshire Police – Bugs

NCA – Mobile Forensics?

Birmingham – Gowling WLG?

Did I not say in one of my articles that


Anyway, on to this article >

House Hunting

I have been speaking with an incredibly professional realestate advisor over the past month weeks, with a view to buying a nice house in Derbyshire or Yorkshire.

During one of our conversations the previous residence of Stephen Hinchliffe came up, namely Parkhead Hall, in Ecclesall Road South:-

Stephen Hinchliffe

I did not know Stephen personally but I knew of him. He was very successful and then his businesses ran into ‘issues’. Given the fact that Rhodium PLC ran into unforeseen ‘issues’ in 2000 when I was working on defense projects for defense contractors, I have learned to keep an open mind about these things.

Having read various articles about Stephen, I do not know whether they are true or false given the lies of journalists about me.

The dramatic rise and fall of infamous Sheffield tycoon Stephen Hinchliffe

He once appeared to be one of the country’s most successful businessmen – a tycoon who controlled hundreds of high street shops and sat on the board of Sheffield United...

Shamed tycoon ‘marched out by bailiffs’ after £2m court defeat

A DISGRACED Sheffield tycoon has been stripped of his assets after a lengthy legal battle against former business associates...

Tycoons R Us

It seems the only words that journalists in Yorkshire understand are ‘rise and fall’ and ‘tycoon’ – I lost count of the number of times jealous people put a key to my Ferrari F355 for absolutely no reason, apart from the fact that they did not have one.



Fraud and False Accounting

This is the exact same thing I am continually accused of, although in my case the use of structures to obfuscate entities as I have mentioned in various linkedin articles, is the reason that genuine things appear fake.

The 'F-Word' v2

This article is primarily about Fiduciaries and Defense Contracting and their relation to [Irrevocable] Trusts, although Fraud, Fools and Finance are...

It would appear that parties foolishly seem think that an invoice with a fictitious name = false accounting – it is not. If the invoice is a non-tax invoice then what it says on it as the billed party and/or description has no impact on tax or the accounting position.

Dude, where's my Laptop?

[Sorry this is really badly written - so I am in the process of re-writing it :)] As many people who need to know, know, I have an interesting line of...

It would appear that parties foolishly seem think that an invoice with a fictitious name = false accounting – it is not. If the invoice is a non-tax invoice then what it says on it as the billed party and/or description has no impact on tax or the accounting position.

False accounting occurs when the accounting position is either overstated or understated. So if I say we made GBP 100,000 profit from Client A, when in fact it was GBP 30,000 profit from Client B + GBP 70,000 profit from Client C, then overall profit is exactly the same and the accounting position is unaffected.

However, in the cases of others, fraud can then arise if there is no underlying work, as an increase in profitability means that the ability to borrow increases. However my work is profitable because only a few people can do it and keep their mouths shut, as well as the massive increase in number and value of security-related projects over 15yrs.

'IT/Management Consulting' v4

This post is about an excellent article At Booz Allen, a Vast U.S. Spy Operation, Run for Private Profit written by Matthew Rosenberg which appeared...

In fact when I have been speaking with people on the phone recently, the other party has become highly excited when I mention the word profit.

For example when I said that ‘borrowing at very low interest rate for properties in Melbourne means that unlike Edward de Saram’s in Western Australia, I make money because I am interested in profit’, I was asked to repeat it by the lawyer.

[insert evidence]

When I say “Turnover is for Vanity, Profit is for Sanity” then I was asked to repeat that as well!

[insert evidence]

Profit and Ability to Borrow

This is clearly an area of interest and it is an area of interest to me too, which is why my income when I was earning was settled into Trusts directly, using offshore structures all over the place. Those structures have been designed from the outset, to withstand worldwide Mareva injunctions – and when they were formed in 2009 and before, there were specific commercial reasons for doing so and not to defeat creditors.

But as parties know I am not UK Tax resident and in fact when I called HMRC weeks ago to get my Unique Taxpayer Reference (“UTR”) I was wondering why the ‘serving wench’ asked me for the address on file in 2012 when she had confirmed to me the UTR was dormant – it would obviously be the last address used when it was not dormant! Duh!

Balance Sheet Strength

Profitability is one thing but borrowing power comes from the balance sheet and types of assets therein. Cash assets are easy to understand and Plant & Machinery is another. Debtors is a good one for types of finance such as Invoice Discounting – at one point I remember we were considering it with GMAC but we never went through with it because my American clients were not happy about having to confirm various things in circularisations – there were enough problems in that area…


Toxic Assets

Thanks to the donkeys at HMCE, their farting around and MLAT requests to the US Customs in New York in the late 1999/2000 caused the debtors and cash to become toxic. Cash should never have been in a position in which it could become toxic, but the funds were linked to fake bank projects, and were being used as surety – this is well-documented:-

Dirty Cash!

This is the short version of how I became involved in designing financial systems for fake banks run by governments, which actually opened accounts...

And being involved in Counter-Terrorism projects, when things go wrong nasty men do nasty things to trouble-makers – I am a trouble-maker apparently 🙂

The de Saram Code

"I like to stay ahead of the curve, especially if it is hyper-elliptic :)" - Joseph S R de Saram but this article is not about cryptography :)...

The toxicity of the assets is how there were there one moment, and then not there the next. It was NOT a case of ‘there was nothing there in first place’ and I will explain why this is obvious to anyone with half a brain…

First and foremost Rhodium PLC was planning a public flotation on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 2000 – no-one can be that dumb to publicly list a company with fake accounts. I think this is obvious.

Second, because I had more than a reasonable expectation of being paid by the Americans I lent Rhodium PLC massive amounts of money, in which the third party liabilities of Rhodium PLC would be cleared – that way we could proceed to flotation and I would get my money back later.

By me injecting massive amounts of money IN, I would be putting myself last on the list of creditors should there be a compulsory insolvency – also I had personally guaranteed the GBP 500,000 overdraft with HSBC, and I would not have done this had there been any risk of me being unable to convert debtors to cash.

And finally I never took any charges over the assets of Rhodium PLC because there were around GBP 7,000,000 in monies coming and I think I had lent GBP 6,000,000 to Rhodium PLC.

Accordingly, there was no risk of insolvency as I would not have put my personal assets on the line if the accounting position were not robust.

The Progression in Fraud

In relation to the bad deeds of others, ie the ultimate goal of fraud, there is a progression. It seems that Stephen had engaged in it, along these lines:-

False Invoices > False Accounting > Borrowing = Money by Deception

In my situation, there was no False Accounting position, and the borrowing was coming from me. If there were third party facilities then they would have been personally guaranteed by me, and/or based on the monies that I had put in myself, say via a capitalised loan account or otherwise – essentially tangible assets.

The Role of Eversheds

A number of parties have had a role in this current fraud against me, and it seems that everyone has jumped onto some bandwagon without properly analysing the context of the Rhodium business models.

Eversheds Exposed in 'Destruction of Rhodium Evidence' Case

20170613 updates in progress - watch the above video in HD... In really simple terms, a SPECIFIC IP address is associated with...

Other Parties

From reviewing forensic information and behaviour analysis I would say that at least two of the parties who are making a nuisance of themselves would be South Yorkshire Police:-

A Bug's Life in Police Surveillance

[An interesting article for those Linkies who work at the Independent Police Complaints Commisson, South Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution...

and maybe the Serious Fraud Office, but in another sense this case as some themes of a Private Prosecution or one in which a financier/insurer is pushing 🙂


Early Identification of Issues From around August 2015 I identified increased covert surveillance and electronic disruption. Actually I first realised...

Perverting the Course of Justice v7

20170306 UPDATE - MORE RECOVERED FORENSIC EVIDENCE, BEING INSERTED SOON updates in progress - check back frequently 20160925 INITIAL Perverting the...

Serious Fraudster Office

I read some very interesting articles today about the Serious Fraud Office. I note that there are so many signature themes presented by Vincent...

Actually I thought I saw some sloppy access by them from their Northampton location to one of our webservers some time back. I need to check the IP addresses as I cannot remember right now thanks to the radiation!

But I do have to say the investigators have been ridiculously fraudulent:-

Schrodinger's Cat v3

Erwin Schrödinger was born in Vienna on August 12 1887, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933. He is best known for his work regarding...

I also think Deloitte is in there somewhere – interestingly those three parties feature in Stephen Hinchliffe’s case so I can see where they are incorrectly applying their theories to my situation, when it is patently obvious to anyone with half a brain that there are completely different.

[insert evidence]

Psychological Bases – The False Analogy, the Strawman, and the False Dichotomy

As I wrote in this article,

Smoke Without Fire is EASY

'There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.' - Napoleon Bonaparte...

This must surely be a classic, two entirely different scenarios:-

Psychological Basis – The False Analogy

(a) Payment Delays from 1998 to 2000, which was actually nonsense caused by HMCE who was on the wrong end of a case from me, and my involvement in clandestine work and Money Laundering Projects and Fake Banks;

(b) Payment Delays in the last few years, which are actually due to a SGD 27,500 operation in Singapore in 2011 for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Data Losses, Coronary Artery Disease and a Heart Attack on 18 May 2013, and of course the Tortious Interference and Injurious Falsehoods of the Melbourne Fraudsters, who are trying so desperately to further the fraud of their fraudulently-obtained judgement by recruitment of ‘witnesses’ who are not ‘disinterested’ as well as their smear campaigns.

The existence of ‘Payment Delays’ does not mean a ‘modus operandi’ and/or ‘prior criminality’, but the foregoing conclusions are completely incorrect and logically flawed.

The False Analogy works by ignorant parties reviewing the end result and determining that the causative agent and/or response to the causative agent was/is the same. The way to propagate the effect is to quickly get many people involved, and validate the purported facts against the statements of others who appear in the ‘same boat’ rather than independently ascertaining all the facts (including the actual ones from me) before attempting to conclude anything.

False analogy

A false analogy is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone applies facts from one situation to another situation but the situations are substantially different and the same conclusions cannot logically be drawn. Sometimes these differences are...

Psychological Basis – The Straw man

This is the easiest to effect – my legal arguments and life are extremely complex so the retards around me just need to open their mouths and incorrectly summarise complex matters so that they can process them, propagating their flawed conclusions along the way which then reinforce their plausibility.

This has happened repeatedly in various legal cases and reflects the lack of class by opposing counsel (as well as my own) because the latter are just not bright enough to understand BUT are too proud to admit it. If they had simply been honest with me about their ignorance then things would have been different and they would not be about to get sued 🙂

For ALL the cases going forward I will be physically present in court and then we can see the correct result.

Straw man

Not to be confused with the tax evasion concept of Strawman theory . A straw man is a logical fallacy which occurs when a debater intentionally misrepresents their opponent's argument as a weaker version, and rebuts said version — rather than their...

Psychological Basis – The False Dichotomy

This is another classic which is prevalent in this part of the world. The [flawed] conclusion is based upon the inability of the viewer to allow two opposing concepts to co-exist.

False dilemma

A false dilemma (also known as a false dichotomy ) is a logical fallacy which involves presenting two opposing views, options or outcomes in such a way that they seem to be the only possibilities: that is, if one is true, the other must be false, or, ...

Dichotomous Thinking does not require a link to BPD as the prevalence of this type thought process in Australasia because of GroupThink autocatalyses and therefore exacerbates the flaw.

It works particularly well against me in my present location because of the Asian culture of ‘don’t question the parents, don’t question the teacher, don’t question law enforcement’…

What is Dichotomous Thinking's Link to Borderline Personality?

What is dichotomous thinking? Learn the definition of dichotomous thinking...

The Dogs May Bark but the Rhodium Juggernaut Rolls On

So despite the actual perpetrators trying their hardest to break my spirit and win, it just will not happen for three simple reasons:-

(a) Investigations do not phase me and litigation is my favourite sport – I have the intellect to identify and crush the perpetrators. As I have stated previously I can collapse the entire case against me forensically;

(b) The ongoing lies around me is akin to JTRIG operations and having identified PSYOPS very early such harassment has absolutely no effect, especially when I have already stated that long-standing Asset Protection Mechanisms are in place which can withstand Mareva Injunctions;


However in matters such as these I cannot sit around letting parties say what they like – in fact I have recovered even more evidence and will give the fools a good hammering, sooner rather than later.

In fact if not for me being irradiated which is wiping my memory and causing heart problems:-


Paranoid Schizophrenia - Yeah Right!

"Nothing is more dangerous than the Truth, especially in the hands of a Human Rights Activist." - JSR DS 20170824 UPDATE - BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS A...

I would have already done so!


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM